Boubada Farming News # 10

Boubada Farm

Watermelon Harvest Time

Harvest time finally arrived. 

It is such a wonderful feeling and I am very grateful to the Lord above for everything He has done.

This is my first harvest and its nice to see the fruits of your time and effort.

My sincere thanks to my other partner, Chris and his family and the other farm workers for their hard work and commitment in making our first harvest a success.

I am always about the quality in the process from start to finish and that is the result of it all.

There are still room for improvement and area’s which I have identified from this harvest  which we will have to work on to improve on our process.

I really want us to come with a system of operation that every worker must follow all the time during the nursery stage all the way to the harvesting so that we produce not only the best output all the time but also a quality “A” Grade harvest which Boubada Farm will become known for.

Watermelon Sampling

That is generally how it is supposed to look so I am really pleased with it.

Another indicator is the taste and boy or boy how very sweet and succulent it feels in the mouth.

Cucumber Harvest Time

It took almost 3 weeks and we are harvesting cucumbers. We are harvesting it at the same time we are harvesting watermelons, Amazing.

All the the cucumbers are averaging 40cm long and 50cm diameter.

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