Boubada Farming News # 11

Boubada Farm


Suppliers are a very important part of the supply chain. Hotels, Supermarkets, Catering Companies and Boarding Institution etc… play a very significant role in taking much of our farmers produce to sell to their many customers which is a win-win for everyone in the supply chain.

The buying kilogram varies from one supplier to another. Sometimes the rate is really not what the farmer would prefer but the supplier is the only one that is buying the kind of produce you are selling so we really do not have a choice but except that rate.

When we decide to look for another buyer the chances of selling in large quantity is very slim and we might lose out if we still have many left over’s and the produce can go bad.

Crop Preparation

Crops must be cleaned thoroughly before taken to the supplier as part of our food safety regulation.

We ensure that the crop after harvest is clean from any mud or dust or other elements that may have settled on the surface of the crop.

Produce on the Shelf

Seeing our produce in shops and supermarkets shelves is such a wonderful feeling.

And to ensure that our crops passes the quality test in both freshness and succulent is a huge motivation. It indicates that we are doing it right and the results speaks for itself.

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