Boubada Farming News #2

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2 Cuts

The tractor has completed ploughing almost 1 hectare of land. It has done 2 cuts meaning it has ploughed the area twice. Reasons for having the area ploughed twice is to ensure that the huge chunk of soil from the first cut is broken up to smaller pieces and also the rich soil nutrients that are always at the bottom of the soil is brought up near to the surface where the seeds will be planted .


This is my first time doing this and although it is very exciting to see this change you learn and understand how serious farming works.

Right now we do not own a tractor but there is a couple of tractors that operates within the area and farmers generally hire them to plough their land. Pricing is definitely high to hire given the limited tractors are currently operating but its all not bad as the cost will be recouped from the sale of the harvest. 




After the ploughing of the land, the tractor has one last job to do and that is to make plots or cut up sections within the ploughed area.

So far we have about 44 plots. One plot is about 100sq.m and we are committing 40 plots for watermelon and 4 plots for cucumber.


Drainage is very important and that is the next step after plotting. That is usually done by our workers at the farm .

Ensuring that there is sufficient drainage is paramount as it creates a pathway for excess water to be channeled out especially when it rains and does not allow for flooding to occur.

Water and Power

Before Market Wheels came on board to partner with the farm, Chris had already set up up his bore water system and pulled town power supply into the farm and had been using that for some years.

These are very important utilities for a farm to have and use and to have that is a huge advantage.

After the ploughing and plotting, the bamboo’s are installed to run the extension cords from the power source to the bore-water well which has the water pump to pump water to the farm.

The poly water supply lines are also installed to channel the pumped water to 6 taps which are installed.

We have also installed 200ltr water drums where each tap is located to fill up with water and than the workers on the farm will fetch from and water the crops.

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