Boubada Farming News #3

Boubada Farm

Chicken Manure

A few weeks before ploughing, we purchased 20 x 50kg bags of chicken manure and placed them on a canvas to dry out in the sun. This process is important as it removes the moisture in the manure and inhibits microbial growth preventing the associated smell.

Chicken manure is important because it provides a slow release source of macro and micro nutrients and acts as a soil amendment.

Compared to other manures, chicken manure is higher in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and calcium and are rich in organic matter.

All these nutrients are balanced so the crops is not lacking in one nutrient or having too much of another.


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After ploughing, plotting, drainage and sorting out the utilities the manure is than applied.

Each hole for the watermelon seeds is spaced evenly in the plots. The holes are about the size of two hands put together. The soil is removed and the manure is placed inside. All of these is done manually.

The planting of the seeds into these holes with manure is done by women as it has been a traditional belief which has been practiced for many years in these area.

The belief is that woman give birth so when they plant the seeds there is a high chance of all these seeds bearing fruit.

These is something new to me but I respect their cutural practise and way of life and most importantly, the seeds get to be planted.

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