Boubada Farming News #4

Boubada Farm

Signs of Life

After a week the watermelon seeds which we planted have started to sprout.

Very rewarding to see life coming out from the ground after all the effort that has gone in. I know it is still early stages and there is still a lot of work to be done yet but to see that is very rewarding and drives us to continue and do more.


Timing is very important and crucial in all the process for a very good harvest and we are grateful of our farmers who have wealth of experiences in traditional farming and this adds value to the farm.

I am hoping that with the advise from FPDA when they come around to visit, that will further increase the knowledge of our farmers in modern day farming methods, techniques and management.



After planting , the nearby bushes were cut to be used as mulch for the farm.

The cut grass were left alone for 2 days till they got dry. Once they were dry, we collected them all and stockpiled them in 10 heaps and than left them for a further 7 days.

By the time the watermelon seeds sprouted, the workers started to place the mulch inside each plot and around the sprouted watermelon.


The main reason for the mulch is to act like a shade over the soil so it stops or slows the evaporation process.

Another important task is to allow the watermelon to crawl and hang onto and not get easily blown away especially during windy days.

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