Boubada Farming News # 6

Boubada Farm

FPDA Visitation

We are so grateful and thankful for the visitation of Ms Poela Utama from FPDA around 10am this morning.

Today is truly a milestone for Boubada Farm to have not only someone very senior and experienced in the Agriculture space but also a representative from FPDA to come and pay a visit upon our request and most importantly provide us with professional advice and direction on farming as far as fruits and vegetables are concerned.

Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) is a national Government Agency responsible for facilitating the development of the horticulture and fresh produce industry in PNG. FPDA’s primary function is to be a source of information relating to commercial horticultural activities across the country

Poela, is FPDA’s Senior Extension Officer in charge of the Southern Region and has a wealth of experience in farming of fruits and vegetables. 

First Impression

Her first impression was that, she was surprised that there was a farm in that area.

She is from further up and drives along that highway to her village and never once it occurred to her that there was a farm behind the houses along the main highway in that part of the area.

She also commented that she thought that the farm would be small in size as in most cases of farms which she has visited before.

But when she saw the farm for herself she realized that it was bigger than what she anticipated.

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She advised us of conducting some training on farming methods, pests & diseases, inter cropping and also financial literacy hopefully within 2 weeks time at the farm. This will tremendously assist with our traditional knowledge of farming which we have been doing for some years now.

Some of the specialists at FPDA will also be part of the training team which is a huge bonus for all of us at the Farm.

Pilot Project - Bulb Onion

She also informed us that FPDA were doing some pilot project of growing bulb onion in the Central Province and from seeing what we have done so far with our farm she suggested that we too can be included in the pilot project as well..

This is truly a vote of confidence and we will definitely take her up on her offer to trial out the bulb onion planting.

We are currently preparing land to plant 220 red lady pawpaw’s and now with the pilot project being proposed, we will also prepare for that as well.

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