Boubada Farming News # 8

Boubada Farm

Jumbo Glory

Two (2) months old Jumbo Glory Watermelon.

We have been experiencing strong winds, cooler than average climate and several downpours. The rains have been a tremendous help to the farm as it helps with watering the crops and gives the farm workers to concentrate on other important farming works as well.

All the watermelon plots are producing watermelons which is a good thing so that we have enough to supply the local market.


It was very welcoming to have a Project Officer based in the Head Office in Goroka to come and visit the farm.

He is Mr. David Minemba and has a wealth of experience in Agriculture with over 25 years. He has a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture and I believe a Masters to as well.

We learnt so much from his inspection and talk with us. Everything he said was fairly new to us and we will certainly take onboard the advices which he has given us. 

Hybrid Soarer Cucumber

Moving into the second week now. During the third it will start crawling and thats when we will need to have in place alreadysomething for them to climb on.

I already have an idea in place  but we will see how we go about setting it up.

Pilot Project Area.

The land made available for the pilot project has been cleared. All the mulch will be gathered and set aside to be used later.

In between the rows of bulb onion, we will also be planting red lady pawpaw’s.

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