Boubada Farming News # 9

Boubada Farm

Jumbo Glory

First harvest will be next month. We are hoping to harvest during the week leading up to our country’s 47th  independence anniversary. 

Despite a few minor setbacks especially constant blackouts by the power supplier, PNG Power, nature has been kind with a few showers especially in this critical times which I am very grateful to our Lord God above for the rains as well as every other blessings which He showers us, His children everyday.

Hybrid Soarer Cucumber

Baby cucumbers just arrived. Doing everything we can to get a good harvest.

Applied Technique.

Trying out some new techniques in our cucumber plot to get an improved and maximum harvest. 

Inserted bamboo’s into the soil spaced evenly and fenced it with chicken wire. The height of the chicken wire is about 1.500mtrs of the ground.

The idea of the chicken wire is to allow the cucumbers to attach itstendrils” to it and grow upwards. Cucumbers are creeping vines and they tend to bear more fruits when they are upright as opposed to them lying flat and crawling on the ground. 

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