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Boubada Farming

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Market Wheels Food Delivery is delighted to inform its customers and the general public that we have now gone into partnership with a local landowner from Barakau Village in the Central Province to partner with him and develop his land for commercial farming.

The name of the Farm is  “Boubada Farm”. The name Boubada is derived from the local dialect which means big bamboo as the area is known to have a lot of bamboo naturally grown there.

The farm is a sustainable, small scale labor intensive farm located at Barakau in the Central Province. It is approximately 30minutes drive out from Port Moresby along the Taureka Highway formally known as the Magi Highway.

It is nestled on a flat fertile land with hills and mountains surrounding it. Periodic flooding over many many years ago left deposits of nutrient-rich silt, creating black topsoil so deep and rich in soil fertility.

This is not just a farm owned by a family, but worked by a family. In addition, we have wonderful farmhands and apprentices.

The current farming area is approximately 1.5 hectares. There is another 7-9 hectares of potential farming area which has not been developed yet but will be eventually developed in due time.

This is a huge milestone and opportunity for Market Wheels in which we have invested our resources in. It is also something we have always wanted to do and now we have that opportunity to do.


The partnership came about as a result of a bad partnership arrangement that The landowner, Chris Perry had with his previous partner who is a national but from another province.

After that bad experience, Chris did not do alot of farming work as he needed fluid capital to till the land and grow the crops.

Market Wheels came into the picture through a mutual relationship between Market Wheels and Chris’s wifes’s grandfather, Allan Lohia which had been built for over many years.

Chris after screening potential candidates to partner with him and revamp the farm again decided to propose the partnership idea with Market Wheels. It took us 2-3 days to do our due diligence and once we were satisfied, we agreed.




Chris has been doing farming for the last 5 years and has a wealth of experience with toiling the land.

He has done so much work within the 5 years to bring the farm to where it is now.

The sad reality of why the farm suffered and did not blossomed to reach its full potential was the financial mismanagement of its revenue from its harvest and also unfair distribution of revenue between Chris and his previous partner.

Since we have come onboard, we have addressed and dealt with the financial issues and have successfully agreed in principle on how the revenue generated will be shared and invested back into the daily operations of the farm. We have invested much needed capital to kick start the operations of the farm again and also the much needed financial advise to protect the operations of the farm.

Fresh Produce Development Authority - FPDA

Market Wheels has also started a conversation with the Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) regional office here in Port Moresby.

As far as farming and agricultural produce in the country is concerned, FPDA are the Government Regulator and Department that are here to provide advise and assistance on best farming techniques, pest diseases control, soil ph levels, financial literacy and other farming information.

So far Market Wheels have requested for them to come and visit the farm and their response has been very positive which I am very grateful and looking forward to their coming.

Cropping System

The farm is primarily looking at planting 3 start up crops which are Watermelon, Pawpaw and Cucumber.

Chris has other crops which has been growing on the farm already such as Aibika (greens), Yams and Banana’s but we will eventually organize the farm in a more organized manner later on.

We are hoping that once the technical specialists from FPDA come and do their visitation, they will give us sound advice on best farm management practice which will lead to have a better farm management cropping system.

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Jumbo Glory Watermelon

Glory Jumbo is a Charleston Gray type hybrid watermelon. Among the most popular varieties in various markets. Extremely good weight and size potential, melons weigh between 20 to 24.25 pounds (9-11 kilograms). Oblong in shape with green rind, crisp and sweet pinkish-red flesh.

Red Lady Pawpaw

Red Lady papayas are a large variety like the maradol or tainung. They have green skins that turn yellow when ripe, though the fruit can be eaten when the skin is about halfway from green to yellow. They have vibrant salmon-colored flesh with a sweet aroma and melon-like flavor. It is more resistant to infestation nd has high medicinal properties that are used in drugs against cancer, liver disease and also to increase blood cells.

Hybrid Soarer Cucumber

Screenshot (27)

Valued particularly for its flavor, this Japanese burples cucumber hybrid is easy to grow up to 8″inch long and 1″inch diameter with fine white spines and smooth deep green skin. The vigorous plant tolerates heat well and resist downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose and CMV. 

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